@_fat_girl_slimm @_fat_girl_slimm @_fat_girl_slimm ⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️ HER STORY IS TRUE, the struggle is real 😒💪and her page filled with funny 😜anecdotes, positive affirmations, weight loss tips and more. (I DONT SHOUTOUT PEOPLE OR FOLLOW THEM UNLESS THEY INSPIRE, I know them or I identify with them) and with @_fat_girl_slimm it’s all three follow her now and read and excerpt about her #weightlossSTORY:

“In the past year I’ve lost 95lbs my following a low carb way of eating and exercise. Initially I thought surgery was the only way but I put in work and proved myself wrong!” - @_fat_girl_slimm

FOLLOW HER NOW ITS NOT YOUR AVERAGE #fitspo PAGE YOU’re in for a wild ride🙈 xo
@_fat_girl_slimm @_fat_girl_slimm @_fat_girl_slimm 🍑🍎🍏🍇🍋

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